Artist Watch | Laura Austin

Totally down with The Stache.

Totally down with The Stache.

My first (and only) time meeting Laura Austin was a special one. It was a cold World Quarters afternoon and I was a bit drunk warming myself up in Chris Wakers lodge. I remember she was blonde and yaesh tall. She had four two greenish/bluish eyes that were electric. We shook hands and then I stumbled away. Later that week, after some research, Laura found me on Facebook. Okay so maybe I found her… I blame it on recollection. BUT I am glad I did! Laura is a dope artist… and a wonderful person. Plain and simple. Her work is amazing and you need to check it out. From prints to products. Laura Austin does work. Continue reading to see more photos.


Josh Mills in the middle of the Salt Lake flats.



Keith Bennett tail pressin' one of the many Truckee, Tahoe handrails



Aaron Robinson out for an afternoon hike


For more rad shots check out Laura at

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