LA ComerciA


So I know this AWESOME kid (thanks to this book) who looks 15 but is really 20… maybe 19. He goes by the name of Kellen McGraw and legally can’t drive a car. For most people this would suck balls in L.A. Having to be picked up and dropped off at LMU, on dates, and from USC Frat parties by your mom is just a day in the life for Kellen and trust me… He doesn’t like it.  So what did he decide to do to change this? Get rid of his roommate (aka mom)? Not possible. Instead he started a clothing company with some of his friends called LA ComerciA and it could possibly be just as rad as The Stache. but only time can tell… 



Filed under Simply Rad.

2 responses to “LA ComerciA

  1. i know that kid… he’s alright

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