College!- A Night in SB

 oh techno

oh techno

This weekend me and the crew rolled up to Santa Barbara for the first time… that place is wild. All of the stories held true. parties everywhere, ladies everywhere, and asshole frat guys on every block. The first house we went to was full of neon lights, sweaty grinding, and crazy techno. For photos Half of the group got lost and we ended up splitting up. So Kellen, Huck, and I tried to find the next fun party by heckling all the girls in the street until they gave us piggybacks to “their” party. I got a lift for about 10 yards until I ended up crushing the 5’1″ girl, but thanks for the attempt. Now pretty much the only reason Kellen and I got away with yelling at the beautiful ladies was that Huck decided to pretend it was is birthday and that he was from Scotland visiting his friends… This lead to some wild stuff. Everyone loves a foreign birthday boy, “[they] sound so funny!” My favorite part was all the girls trying to mock him in spanish accents. CLASSIC.

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